Where can I buy a Gem & Bara Academic Planner?

You can only buy a Gem & Bara academic planner through www.gemandbara.com.

When does the planner begin and when does it end?

Our planners begin in August and end in July.

Do you offer any other layouts besides the daily layout?

As of right now, our products only feature a daily layout! 

How often can I use a promo code?

Promo codes are limited to one use per customer. 

Where is Gem & Bara based?

Gem & Bara is based out of St. Louis, MO.

What is the meaning behind "Gem & Bara"?

Gem & Bara is derived from the Malay word "pengembara" which means traveler or adventurer.

If we have questions or concerns, who do we contact?

You can submit a contact form (link at the bottom of the homepage) or email us directly at info@gemandbara.com.

Our customers are #1 priority! We want to know what you enjoy and what could be improved. Never hesitate to reach out.